1962-67 VW Beetle LED taillights

1962-67 VW Beetle LED Brake/Tail Lights

Technostalgia has just introduced an LED retro fit kit to convert any 1962-67 VW beetle to ultra bright LED rear lights.

Stop light visibility was never a hallmark for the classic Beetle. Now, Beetle owners can update their stop, turn, and taillights to the latest in LED lighting technology. The all new Technostalgia LED retro-fit kit bolts into a stock 1962-67 VW Beetle taillight housing and converts all rear lighting functions to bright and visible LED lights. The installation takes about 30 minutes and requires no electrical knowledge. Since the original lenses are re-used, a stock appearance is maintained while the lights are off. Originally, the taillight was segmented into a turn signal area and a stop light area. The net viewing area was quite small and difficult to see. After conversion, the entire taillight lens is utilized for the stop, turn, and taillight functions. Using the entire surface area of the lens allows following drivers better visibility of the vehicle.

At the heart of the new kit is the Technostalgia manufactured LED array that incorporates fourteen, automotive grade LEDs. This guarantees ultra bright performance, a wide dispersion angle, and maximum visibility of the tail light, stop light, and turn signals. The LED array is expected to last for the life of the vehicle and draws very little electrical current. The LED also features Technostalgia’s RapidFire brake lights. With RapidFire, the brake lights are pulsed rapidly three times within the first ½ second of pressing the brake pedal followed by constant ON. This cycle is repeated every time the brake pedal is pressed. The kit is backed by Technostalgia’s lifetime warranty.

The LED retro-fit kit ships assembled and ready to install. The kit includes the LED array, wiring pigtail with insulated connectors, stainless steel brackets, and installation instructions

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$ 79.95