About Technostalgia



How We Started
The Beginning

Technostalgia, Inc. began when two men, Todd Sondles and his father Fred, saw the first production car with LED tail lights, 1999 Cadillac, and thought: “Why don’t we do that for classic cars?” With his engineering background and a love for classic cars Todd began developing Technostalgia’s first product, an LED retro-fit kit for a ’57 Chevy. From there, Todd and Fred began building the lights in a basement, expanding the product line as they saw fit.

Where We Are
The Present

Now, Technostalgia offers over 100 different part numbers for classic cars ranging from the iconic Model A to an ’87 pick-up. And there is no more basement building as Todd has moved the crew to a 13 thousand square foot facility in Graham, North Carolina.

Technostalgia recently decided to set its sights on the late model car market with its new, feature packed 2010 Camaro LED tail lights.

Where We're Going
The Future

Technostalgia will continue to develop the highest quality LED products for classic cars as well as delving further into the late model market with an expansion of the 5th Gen Camaro line.