Camaro Kit Camaro Taillights

2010-13 Camaro LED Tail Lights

We knew from the start that the all new Camaro was a hot car. That is, a hot car needing more sinister looking taillights. We drew from our experience with classic car taillights and produced a feature-filled, LED taillight set for the new Camaro that is without equal.

Our taillight kit includes a replacement LED taillight for all four of the stock lamps, plug-and-play wiring, and an installation that requires no electrical knowledge, no splicing, no cutting, and only 30 minutes of time. Our lamps feature a dark red lens much like the “RS” factory tail lamp optional lens color.

The features of the Technostalgia Camaro LED taillights have to be seen. Once installed, you’ll be the one that’s seen with the 176 bright LEDs on the back of your car. Our lights include the following show-stopping features:

  • RapidFire™ Brake Light – Each time the brake pedal is pressed, the brake lights flash three times in rapid succession followed by constant on. This feature is sure to wake up all the distracted drivers following your Camaro.
  • AfterBurner™ taillight – The taillight mode includes all 20 primary LEDs lit but dimmed and 24 more LEDs arranged around the lower ¾ perimeter of each lamp.
  • User Selectivity – Both the Sequential turn signals and the RapidFire brake lights may be turned-on or off, individually by the end user.
  • Show-Off Mode – Let’s admit it. You paid a bunch of money for your new Camaro and have outfitted it with Technostalgia LED taillights…you’re ready to show-off to your friends and nemeses. Our Camaro taillights are fitted with a lead wire, when connected to any ground on the car, will cycle the taillights through all their cool functions. A great mode for a car show or late night cruise-in.


$ 399.00