About Us

About Us

We at Technostalgia manufacture high quality, LED stop lights for classic cars as well as one of a kind auto accessories. Our products replace dim bulbs with very bright LED arrays specifically designed to bolt-in to your car. Kits come complete with all hardware and wiring. Prices start at $79.95.

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Our Company

Established in 2001, Technostalgia has grown to be the go to company for innovative LED lighting products by continuously pushing the envelope with new features and products for the hot rod market.

Starting with the ’57 Chevy retro-fit kit the company has expanded its current product line to over 100 part numbers ranging from the iconic Model A to an ’87 pick-up.

Technostalgia recently decided to set its sights on the late model car market with our new, feature packed 2010 Camaro LED tail lights.



We offer a wide variety of LED products including retro-fit kits and complete assemblies. We also manufacture retro-styled air cleaners and valve covers to give your classic engine the finishing touch it needed.



We stand behind every product with a rock solid warranty that covers virtually anything. We are able to do this because we take every precaution when designing, manufacturing, and shipping our products.

Customer Support

Customer Support

We offer a very knowledgeable staff ready and willing to answer any question a customer might have regarding product details, installation, warranty, or anything else that might come up.


What is an LED and why is better than a regular bulb?


LEDs are the heart of our product, so we use the best quality LED on the market. Our LEDs have four attachment points to the printed circuit board for durability and a wide viewing angle for maximum visibility. This type of LED has a square shape and is designed specifically for automotive use.

Beware of our competitors that use sub-par “jelly bean” shaped LEDs.

How long do your kits take to install?


Installation time really depends on the product, but as a rule of thumb our lights will take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour and a half to install. We provide a detailed set of instructions with every kit to make the process as smooth as possible.

Where can I purchase one of your products?


We offer a complete where to buy list which displays all of our current certified vendors.